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Success Stories

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Counselling Session

Employment Counselling

"I am writing to compliment the staff at TEC. It's seldom that a government office gets kudos - this office must be noticed!

I introduced a young man to Tropicana Employment Centre who was having a terrible time at home - I had heard about him through my son and his friends. At first, I didn't know where to turn, but I wanted to help him so I got on the Internet. I found and called several agencies but didn't get any assistance until I called TEC. The receptionist noticed the urgency in my voice saying, "Come in right away - we'll help." That same afternoon, I brought the young man and he met with an employment counselor. It wasn't easy to find this young man a job especially during this recession; but your staff stuck to it until success. Tropicana Employment Centre got him the exact job that he was seeking!

Tropicana Employment Centre has a program for unemployed youth that definitely works! I am very grateful for the tremendous help your dedicated employees extended to this young man who I believe now has a great chance at success in life." - Employment Ontario Participant

Job Development

“My experience working with Tropicana Employment Centre has been wonderful.  Our job developer is very professional and sends me great candidates that meet the requirements of our company. I have found their candidates to be well trained, responsible and eager to work.”- Marche Restaurants Canada

"Over the last 5 years we have enjoyed a very productive relationship with Tropicana Employment Centre that began with the Summer Jobs Service and Job Connect for Youth programs and was later expanded to include Job Connect for New Canadians. Over this time, we have employed some 75 candidates from TEC, many of whom continue to be valuable members of our team. Tropicana Employment Centre assists us in our recruitment efforts by pre-screening candidates, setting up job fairs and ensuring necessary paperwork is completed. Tropicana Employment Centre staff is professional and knowledgeable about Canadian economic trends and employment practices. Tropicana Employment Centre understands the needs of employers in today's market." - Canadian Tire Corporation

“I would definitely continue to partner with Tropicana Employment Centre and continue to provide open opportunities to many youth across the GTA.” -Toronto Transit Commission

“Tropicana Employment Centre is a reliable resource channel for our talent staffing.  They not only supply qualified candidates but they also provide a cost effective program which helps us save on  staffing costs.” -T&T Supermarket Inc.


"Through the years I have worked with TEC I have successfully hired several of my current staff. Tropicana Employment Centre provides the support that allows me to train my staff. Our office manager, an Tropicana Employment Centre candidate, has been with the company for over a year. He was a newcomer with no prior experience working in Canada. He has been a huge asset to my team and I am grateful to Tropicana Employment Centre for introducing us." - Tropicana Employment Centre Employer

Summer Jobs Service Program

"There was a client who needed summer employment not only to pay for tuition in September but also to provide for her family. Due to cultural and religious practices, it was a challenge for her to find employment on her own. Tropicana Employment Centre staff worked with her to improve her resume and then contacted potential employers in an effort to find her work in Toronto. Tropicana Employment Centre was able to find a fundraising company willing to give her an interview. She called back 3 days later to inform us that she would start working as a fundraiser the next week." - SJS Participant