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Sep 21st, 2017
What's more important; the way you look or what you can do?  The answer is that they are both important.  In addition to possessing the requirements of the position, you also need to have a professional appearance.  Here are some of the ways that the employer uses your appearance to evaluate you and some tips for dressing for success: What is their overall impression of you?  The employer will form an overall impression of you within the first few minutes of the interview and a lot of this impression will be based on your appearance.  Once the employer has made up... + continue reading
Sep 19th, 2017
Change in our lives is often both unexpected and uninvited.  Maybe you have a new manager or you have lost your job altogether.  You feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you.  So how do you cope?  Here are some tips that will help you manage this transition: Acknowledge your feelings.  When faced with a big change in your life, you might feel scared, sad, angry, overwhelmed, or like you have lost control.  All of these emotions are valid and perfectly understandable.  It is important that you acknowledge and address these feelings.  Talk to... + continue reading
Sep 14th, 2017
Under the best of circumstances, looking for a job can feel a lot like an emotional rollercoaster.  One day you are on top of the world after you get an interview at the company that you've been dreaming about for months.  You sit on the edge of your seat for a week while you wait for the phone to ring to (hopfully) give you some good news.  Unfortunately, your hopes deflate when you open up your email a few days later to read that the company is not proceeding with your application.  In the average job search, you can go through this cycle ten times (or even more). ... + continue reading
Sep 06th, 2017
You have been looking for a job for a while but you haven't had the results that you were expecting.  You are beginning to feel like you are spinning your wheels.  You need to stop for a moment and take a breath.  Something you are doing isn't working and until you identify the problem, it might be difficult for you to find a job.  Here are a few common road blocks that could be holding you back from your dream job: There is a problem with your resume.  If you are submitting applications but not receiving a positive response, there could be a problem with your resume... + continue reading
Aug 28th, 2017
You can never be totally prepared for a job interview.  You will always be at least a little nervous and they will usually ask you at least one question that you didn't expect.  However, you can eliminate a lot of the surprises at job interviews by preparing for the common questions.  Since there are a handful of questions that most interviewers ask, if you practice answering them, you will be off to a strong start: Tell me about yourself.  This is an introductory question that is asked in some form at almost every interview.  Think of this as your professional... + continue reading
Aug 25th, 2017
You have been invited to an interview.  This is a significant accomplishment since employers generally only have time to meet a very small percentage of the candidates in person.  You want to perform as well as you possibly can at the interview, but in order to do that, you need to know how the interviewer will be evaluating you.  Even though each interview is unique, there are certain qualities that every interviewer will be paying attention to: Enthusiasm.  The last thing that the employer wants is to hire an employee who is not excited about the job.  Employers... + continue reading
Aug 22nd, 2017
You got a job offer!  Whether this was after a grueling job search or it was a bit of a surprise, it is very exciting news.  While you might be tempted to jump at the opportunity, it is important that you stop to consider if this position is right for you before you make any commitments.  Here are a few factors to consider when deciding whether or not to accept a job: The scope of the position.  Do you understand the responsibilities of the job?  Which tasks would you be doing on a daily basis?  Is it work that you would enjoy and that is consistent with your... + continue reading