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Jul 17th, 2017
While there is no denying that the job search process has largely moved online, you can't just email a few applications and call it a day.  Your job search efforts will be significantly more effective if you are strategic about it.  Here are some tips that will help you develop an online job search strategy that will get results quickly: Know what you want.  Have you ever met someone who is a 'Jack of all trades but a master of none'?  Unfortunately, in today's labour market, this person will likely be unemployed.  It is essential that you focus your job search... + continue reading
Jul 09th, 2017
You are probably well aware of all your technical skills.  This includes your degrees and certifications, your experience, your computer skills and any of your other skills and abilities that will allow you to actually complete the responsibilities of the job.  But do you know which transferrable skills you possess?  Your transferrable skils are your personal and interpersonal skills that are important for every single job.  Transferrable skills are arguably more important then some of the technical skill requirements of the job.  Many employers say that they can... + continue reading
Jul 03rd, 2017
There is no perfect way to ask for accommodation from your employer.  The best approach will depend on your personality, the organizational culture, your supervisor, your relationship with your supervisor and on the nature of your disability. Some people are reluctant to disclose a disability because they are afraid that they will face subtle discrimination that will limit their career.  However, if you don't disclose your disability to your employer, they may put unrealistic expectations on you.  The key is to think it through, be strategic and to make the decision that is... + continue reading
Jun 27th, 2017
Do you feel like you are stuck in a dead end job?  Are you finding it impossible to advance in your company?  Many different factors can stall your career; a shift in the labour market, increased competition, or a change in environmental factors.  However, it is often the employee's own behaviour that most limits their career growth.  Could your personal life be holding you back?  Here are five common examples of how your private life could be seriously inhibiting your career.  If you feel like you are guilty of any of these bad habits, now is the time to change... + continue reading
Jun 20th, 2017
When you are looking for a job, your resume is your main marketing document.  When there is a problem with your resume, it becomes difficult for you to secure interviews.  If you have been submitting lots of resumes without much of a response, it might be a good idea for you to review your resume.  Here are five items that you can definitely leave off: Irrelevant Skills.  Everything that you put on your resume should directly relate to the specific position.  If you possess additional skills that don't relate to the job, take them off your resume; they are... + continue reading
Jun 15th, 2017
The time has come for you to land your first job so now you need to write a resume.  The question is- how do you write a resume if you don't have any experience??  The good news is that you have more experience than you probably realize.  Here are some tips that will help you write your very first resume: Use your volunteer experience.  Remember when you volunteered as a basketball coach at the community centre?  Didn't you used to be a kitten feeder at your local animal shelter?  All of this experience demonstrates that you are both responsible and community... + continue reading
Jun 03rd, 2017
Working in the non-profit sector gives you the opportunity to earn an income while making a difference in the world.  However, if you have never worked at a non-profit, you might not know where to start.  Here are some tips that will help you be a competitive candidate when looking for a job in the non-profit sector.  Volunteer.  Unlike other sectors, there are lots and lots of opportunities to volunteer in non-profit.  This can allow you build up your skills, make connections and get a new reference.  If possible, try to volunteer at your target organization.... + continue reading