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Sep 13th, 2019
You were up all night and there is nothing that you would rather do than just close your eyes and get some sleep.  Unfortunately, it's not an option.  You have to go into work and perform as if nothing is wrong.  Here are some tips to help you make it through the day: Dive into your work.  Don't put it off; just jump right into it.  Adrenaline might carry you through.  You may even get so focused on the task at hand that the day flies by.  When you're tired, there is nothing worse than just sitting around. Focus on one task at a time.  When you're... + continue reading
Aug 30th, 2019
You rocked your job interview and now you're sitting by the phone waiting for an offer.  When your phone finally does ring, it's the employer inviting you in for another interview.  You are starting to wonder what the point is to all of these interviews.  You told them everything that they need to know at your last interview.  It is starting to feel like they are wasting your time.  Just go with it.  The are several legitimate reasons that an employer may need a second interview.  By being aware of the possible objectives that the employer may have for the... + continue reading
Aug 23rd, 2019
Looking for a job is a challenge for everyone but if just talking to people makes you nervous, the job search process can feel a lot more difficult.  Here are some tips that will help you be competitive in the job market even if you are shy: Make a list of your strengths.  Some people are shy because they lack confidence.  If this sounds like you, then a good place to start is to understand your value in the job market.  Make a list of everything that you are good at and circle the items that relate to your target job.  Include anything that you have been... + continue reading
Aug 20th, 2019
Quitting your job is a big decision.  Some people wait too long to take that step and stay in a situation that makes them unhappy.  Whereas other people quit their jobs at the drop of a hat, making themselves look like they can't commit.  The best approach is somewhere in the middle.  You have to be willing to ride it out when things get tough at work but you also have to recognize when it's time to move on.  Here are some good reasons to quit your job:   It's too stressful.  Some stress at work is normal but if you are always walking... + continue reading
Aug 09th, 2019
You have been working in customer service, but you don't want to do this job forever.  You've heard that customer service work has little opportunity for growth, and you are afraid of getting stuck in a dead end job.  Don't fret!  The skills that you develop while working in a customer service role can be applicable to a multitude of jobs.  If you are strategic, and you work to develop your skills, you can leverage your customer service experience to launch yourself into a whole new career.  Here are some positions that would be a great 'next step' for someone who is... + continue reading
Jul 12th, 2019
Looking for a summer job can be exciting but if it's your first time looking, you may not know where to start.  There are lots opportunities available  but you have to know what you want.  Once you have a target job in mind you can focus your resume and your job search efforts.  Here are some options to consider: Camp Counsellor.  Many kids spend their summers in camp which means that there are a lot of opportunities available.  There are overnight camps, sports camps, hose back riding camps, city day camps, robotics camps, theatre dance camps, and anything else... + continue reading
Jul 01st, 2019
If you are looking for a job right now, then it is likely that at least one person has advised you to take the summer off.  They may have said that nobody gets hired during the summer because not much is happening and most managers are away on vacation.  However, this is absolutely not true.  In many companies it is business as usual in the summer and if the company is experiencing a slow period, the managers may be using that lull to build up a strong team for when business picks up again.  Make no mistake; there are definite advantages to job searching in the summer: It... + continue reading