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Write a Resume for Your First Job

The time has come for you to land your first job so now you need to write a resume.  The question is- how do you write a resume if you don't have any experience??  The good news is that you have more experience than you probably realize.  Here are some tips that will help you write your very first resume:

Use your volunteer experience.  Remember when you volunteered as a basketball coach at the community centre?  Didn't you used to be a kitten feeder at your local animal shelter?  All of this experience demonstrates that you are both responsible and community minded. 

Mention your school achievements.  Did you make the honour roll this year?  Were you the president of your school's environmental club?  Did you win a medal for your school's track and field team?  These are all accomplishments that would be impressive to a potential employer.   

Talk about your hobbies.  Are you involved on any committees in your community?  Do you swim competitively?  Are you an amazing chess player?  By listing (a few) hobbies on your resume, you allow the employer to get to know you a little while also demonstrating some of your skills. 

Don't forget your odd jobs.  So you say that you've never had a job but did you ever babysit for family friends?  Did you ever shovel your neighbour's driveway?  Did you create a flyer for your mom's friend's business?  This is all valid work experience that you can put on your resume.   

Make a list of your skills.  In your time on this earth you have managed to accumulate some skills.  Take some time to make a list of them all.  Don't forget to include your computer skills, your soft skills, and pay special attention to those skills that would be relevent to your target jobs. 

Now that you have some idea of what you can include on your resume, hopefully you are feeling a little more confident about looking for a job.  The good news is that when hiring for an entry-level position, employers are generally more focused on finding a candidate with enthusiasm and a positive attitude than they are on experience. 

(Written by Karen Bivand, Image Courtesy of PhasinPhoto at