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When is it Time to Leave Your Job?

The decision to leave a job is not always easy.  They may be lots of reasons to stay that prevent you from taking that step.  However, sometimes it really is time to say goodbye.  If you've been sitting on the fence wondering what to do, here are a few indications that you should start polishing off your resume:

You are not excited about your job.  You drag your feet when you are going into work.  Nothing about the job excites you anymore.  You are just punching the clock and waiting for your shift to be over. 

You are always stressed.  The stress of your job is impacting you.  It is even interfering with your life outside of work.  The stress never stays away for very long and your attempts to manage it have been unsuccessful.  You know that the only way to effectively address it is to remove the cause by finding another job. 

Your job does not align with your career goals.  You know where you want to go in terms of your career, but the job that you have now will never get you there.  While this job may be paying the bills, there is no future in it.  Even if you don't want to leave your job right away, it is important that you create a plan for how you will reach your career goals. 

You are not performing well.  For some reason you are not meeting your performance targets.  Either you aren't able to perform effectively in this job, or you are not putting in the required effort.  Whatever the reason, this situation is not sustainable.  It is never good for you to be in a job where you aren't doing your best work.  You run the risk of damaging your reputation and lowering your standards.  Find a way to step up your performance or find a new job.    

You are experiencing harassment.   You should never feel harassed at work.  If you are being harassed, then it is important that you take steps to address it.  Even if you are working to address the situation internally, it's a good idea for you to secure some other options just in case the situation doesn't improve.  Whatever you do, do not let allow the harassment to continue. 

If you know that it's time to go but you are finding it difficult to get started, the best approach is to start small.  Find some job opportunities and apply to one or two each day.  You might be surprised by how quickly you get an interview!  Good luck!


(Written by Karen Bivand, Image Courtesy of Stuart Miles at