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Should You Take the Job?

You got a job offer!  Whether this was after a grueling job search or it was a bit of a surprise, it is very exciting news.  While you might be tempted to jump at the opportunity, it is important that you stop to consider if this position is right for you before you make any commitments.  Here are a few factors to consider when deciding whether or not to accept a job:

The scope of the position.  Do you understand the responsibilities of the job?  Which tasks would you be doing on a daily basis?  Is it work that you would enjoy and that is consistent with your skill set?  Are you aware of how the job fits in within the goals of the company?  What opportunities would there be for you to grow and advance in your career?

The compensation package.    How is the salary and benefits package that you are being offered?  Is it a fair salary when you compare it to the salaries of similar positions in your region?  Will the salary work for your budget?  What does the benefits package include?  How does it compare with your current benefits package?  Are there any extra perks such as free lunch, an employee discount or a gym membership?

 Your daily routine.  How will accepting this job impact your day-to-day life?  What are the work hours like?  Will you be expected to put in overtime?  How long is the commute?  How are the working conditions?  Try to visualize yourself working at this job each day.  Does it feel manageable or does it feel stressful?  You may decide to still accept a job with a long commute or a lot of overtime, but it is better if it is a conscious decision.   

The organizational culture.  Are you comfortable with the organizational culture?  Do you feel like you would fit in?  Have you met the coworkers and your manager?  Do you think that you would get along well with them?  If you know someone who works at the organization, they should be able to give you an idea of what it would be like to work there.  Also, pay attention to how the interviewers interact with you and with each other.   

The 'X Factor'.    Never dismiss your intuition when you are considering a job opportunity.  How does the thought of working at this organization make you feel?  Are you excited about this opportunity?  Starting a new job can be extremely challenging so if your heart isn't into it, it makes it even more difficult. 

Before you leap to accept your next job offer, it's a good idea to give yourself some time to think about it.  This allows you to make an educated decision so that if you do decide to take the job you will (hopefully) be there for a while.  

(Written by Karen Bivand, Image Courtesy of