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Why Employers Want to Hire New Grads

The worst fear of most new grads is that they will get trapped in that chicken-egg nightmare world of "No experience=no job; No job=no experience".  The good news is that as a new graduate, you have a lot of assets that have nothing to do with experience.  Here are five reasons that employers would go out of their way to hire you:

You are flexible.  ​​  When you have recently graduated, employers' perceive you as still being in the 'learning' mode.  Also, since you are fresh to the industry and possibly even the workforce, employers believe that it is easier for you to adapt to the company culture and their way of doing things.  Sometimes more experienced employees become rigid and unwilling to try a strategy that is different from what they have done in the past.   

You are up to date on current trends.  Staying on top of what is happening in your industry is extremely important.  If you are a new graduate, that is one asset that you currently possess.  Colleges and Universities always ensure that their students have a good understanding of current research, theories, and buzz words.  Hiring new graduates is an easy way for an old company to stay fresh. 

You possess enthusiasm.  Because new graduates are often so happy to have full time jobs, they are usually the most enthusiastic members of the team.  This positive attitude is valuable because these employees are willing to take on tough challenges and they can bring up the morale of the entire company.

You are good for their budget.  The cold, hard truth is that new graduates expect lower salaries than their more experienced counterparts.  Think of this as an asset because it will help you get your foot in the door.  Once you gain more skills and experience, your salary will also grow.   

You are a good long term investment.  ​As a new graduate, you may not have yet determined what direction your career will take.  Smart employers see this as an opportunity to bring a talented young person into their company so that they can take on more responsibility as they gain skills and experience.  While they may be hiring you as an office assistant today, in a few years you could be a member of the management team. 

Many employers go out of their way to hire new graduates because they are proven to be a good investment.  Don't worry too much about the job title; any entry level position in a good company will give you lots of opportunities to prove yourself, which will open other doors for you. 

(Written by Karen Bivand, Image Courtesy of Stuart Miles at