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Careers for Writers

So you have great writing skills.  While this definitely helped you get through school, you aren't really sure how to leverage this strength in the job market.  Yes, it would be amazing to be a novelist but you are aware that it can be a long and sometimes difficult road and you need a reliable now.  Here are a few other career paths for people with good writing skills:

Marketing.  Marketing is an excellent career option for someone with strong writing skills,  You could be creating flyers, brochures, annual reports, or even slogans and taglines.  There are many opportunities in marketing.  If this is a field that interests you, it might be worth taking some postsecondary courses or a certificate to strengthen your resume. 

Web Copywriter.  Businesses know that if they're not online, they don't exist.  As a result, there is more demand than ever before for web writers.  To be a content provider, you need to be able to write copy that is appropriate and engaging to their audience while also being friendly to search engines.     

Professional Blogger.  Many people are surprised to learn that their blog can actually make them money.  If you can demonstrate through your blog traffic that you have a legitimate following, companies will pay you to promote their product on your blog.  This is particularly true for specialized industries.  It will take some time to build up an audience, but if you already have a blog, it could be a way to earn some cash.

Technical Writer.  Technical writers write instruction manuals, reports, articles and other documents.  Often they are subject matter experts but more importantly they need to be able to condense a lot of information so that it is understandable and easy to read. 

Grant Writer.  Grant Writers/Proposal Writers are in demand in almost every industry.  Companies write proposals to bid for contracts and non-profit organizations write them to secure funding.  Proposals and grant applications are extremely detailed and it takes time to understand the funders' requirements but if you can acquire this skill it is extremely valuable to potential employers. 

If you can produce engaging and error free writing in a timely manner then any of these positions would be a good fit for you.  Now it's time to create a portfolio and start applying for jobs. 


(Written by Karen Bivand, Image Courtesy of tuelekza at