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What Skills Can You Get From Working at a Call Centre

Job seekers often undervalue their skills.  You gain knowledge and skills from all of your experiences, but you need to identify them in order to market them to prospective employers.  Even less glamorous jobs can help you gain skills that will be an asset as you progress in your career.  For example, here are a few of the skills that you can gain while working in a call centre: 

Problem solving.  When you are on a call with a customer, you never know what problems you will encounter.  The call centre representative needs to be able to quickly understand the problem and to respond appropriately; whether that means making a change to the customer's account, transferring the customer to a different department, or escalating the situation.  If you can demonstrate through examples that you are good at problem solving, it will be an asset for basically every job.   

Staying calm under pressure.  People are at their worst when they are talking to call centre representatives.  The customers are often frustrated and a lot of times, the person at the other end of the phone bears the brunt of that frustration.  As unpleasant as this experience may be, it is an excellent opportunity to develop the ability to keep your cool in a stressful situation.  An employee who is able to stay professional and productive in a stressful environment is attractive to many employers.

Attention to detail.  Call centre representatives need to have an in-depth understanding of both the company and the products and services that they have to offer.  Also, they have to be able to effectively listen to the customers so that they can correctly assess their needs.  All of this requires a strong attention to detail. 

Communication skills.  The ability to effectively communicate, both verbally and in writing, is possibly the most important soft skill.  Some employers are willing to hire a candidate that is slightly less technically qualified for the job if they have strong communication skills.  Since you are constantly communicating in call centre jobs, it is a good opportunity to develop those skills.  ​

Friendliness. Your customers will always be happier if you are friendly when you are speaking with them.  This warmth will improve your success in any job where you are working with people.  ​

If you have gained these skills in your call centre job, you are off to a good start with your career.  The next step is to compile of list of examples of when you demonstrated these skills so that you can show prospective employers that you possess them. 


(Written by Karen Bivand, Image Courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at