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5 In-Demand STEM Careers

Most people agree that STEM jobs are and will continue to be in demand.  A STEM job is a position that requires an education in science, technology, engineering or mathematics.  If you can develop skills in these areas, you will have many opportunities available to you.  Here are some examples of STEM jobs that are hot right now.  

Information Technology.  There is a wide range of careers available in Information Technology including web developers, software developers, database administrators, computer network architects, user support specialists and systems analysts.  The average IT annual salary in Canada is $77,000* but both the salary and educational requirements vary depending on the scope of the position.  

Actuary.  Actuaries use statistics to assess the risk of a particular event and the cost of that event.  Actuaries often work in the insurance industry.  For example, when you purchase car insurance, an actuary has determined the liklihood of you having a car accident based on your age, type of car, location, occupation, and driving record.  The rate that you pay for your car insurance will depend on that assessment.  Actuaries typically have an undergraduate degree in statistics, mathematics, or business.  The current average annual salary for an actuary in Canada is $66,976.

Chemical Engineering.  Chemical engineers solve problems and improve processes in every industry including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, health care, construction and the environmental industry.  For example, a chemical engineer may determine how to safely produce a type of medication or they may be asked to make a particular manufacturing process more environmentally friendly.  Chemical engineers typically have a Bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and the average annual salary for a chemical engineer in Canada is $64,553.

Economist.  Economists conduct research and analyze statistics and data to prepare reports and forecast trends.  This information can be used by individuals, businesses and governments to design policies and make decisions.  Economists work for governments, corporations and research firms.  Most economists have a bachelor's degree in economics and a strong background in math.  The average salary for an economist in Canada is $64,263.

Construction Management.  Construction Managers supervise projects.  This includes planning the project, setting schedules, overseeing contractors, managing the budget, and making sure that everyone is working safely.  Most construction managers have a bachelor's degree in building science or civil engineering and the average annual salary for a construction manager in Canada is $87,016.

While it's important to consider the labour market when you are choosing a career path, it is equally important to find something that you enjoy.  If you are lucky enough to find a career that is in demand and that you have a passion for, you'll never be unemployed for long.  

(Written by Karen Bivand, Image Courtesy of Mr.Lightman at FreeDigitalPhotos,net)

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