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How to Tell if the Interviewer Likes You

You just finished your job interview.  You feel like you performed well but until you get an offer, how can you know for sure?  No employer is going to say that you were awesome or that you weren't.  However, without even realizing it, they do provide clues.  Human Resources professionals tend to play their cards close to their chest but hiring managers are easier to read.  Here are a few indications that your interview may have gone well:

The interviewer was trying sell you the job.  Did you get the feeling that the interviewer was trying to persuade you that this is a great place to work?  Did they tell you about their supportive organizational culture and all the perks that come with the job?  While it could just be company pride, if they had no intention of hiring you, they probably wouldn't bother selling it to you.    

The interviewer gives off a positive vibe.  People often unintentionally reveal their thoughts through non-verbal communication.  Was the interviewer nodding and smiling with your answers?  Were they leaning forward and making good eye contact?  Did you get a warm and positive feeling from them?  These are all signs that they liked you.    

The interview lasted longer than expected.  Even if the interviewer is asking you a list of questions, they do have some discretion over how long the interview takes.  If the interviewer knows that they are not going to hire you, they may rush through the interview.  However, if they are seriously considering you as a candidate, they will take their time, making sure that they get all the information that they need to make a good decision.    

They were trying to get to know you as a person.  One of the main reasons that employers conduct in-person interviews is to assess your personality and communication style to determine if you would fit in well with the organizational culture.  The managers and coworkers want to know what it would be like to work with you.  If you noticed that the interview was becoming less formal and more like a conversation, it could be a sign that they were trying to imagine you as a member of their team.    

They introduced you to a lot of people.  Usually at the end an interview, the interviewer will walk you out.  However, if they instead took you on a tour, or started introducing you to a lot of the other employees, it's a good sign that they are expecting to see you again.      

Unfortunately, this is not an exact science.  The interviewer could be giving you all the right signs only to disappoint you in the end.  They may have had every intention of hiring you while you were sitting in the room but after you left, an even stronger candidate walked through the door.  Once you finish the interview, you have no control over what the employer does.  Sometimes it's best to let it go and to focus on finding other opportunities.    

(Written by Karen Bivand, Image by