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How to Work with a Job Developer

Have you ever considered working with a job developer?  If you have always handled your job search on your own, it can be a bit of an adjustment but job developers are able to connect you with employers and opportunities that you may not have previously considered.  Here are a few tips that will help you work with your job developer in a way that will be beneficial to your job search:

Be honest.  It is much easier for a job developer to help you if you are open and honest with them.  Be clear about what you want (and don't want).  If the job developer is proposing a job that you know you can't take because the commute is too far or the position doesn't interest you, let them know that.  It is embarrassing for the job developer to advocate for you to an employer only to have you decline the job offer.  When the job developer knows that they can trust what you say to them, they will be more comfortable selling your skills to a potential employer.    

Follow up.  Job developers have a lot of clients on their case load so you need to be proactive to stay at the top of their mind.  Don't make yourself a pest but give them a call once or twice a week to see if there are any new jobs available.  This will let the job developer know that you are motivated and they will think about you when there is a new opportunity.  

Be proactive.  Working with the job developer should only be one part of your job search strategy.  It is important that you continue your job search on your own.  Your job developer will be even more willing to assist you if they know that you are also putting in the work.  

Do research.  The more that you know about the labour market, your industry and the companies that you are targeting, the more effective you will be in your job search.  Take the time to do the research to identify where your skills will be most in demand.  When you provide the job developer with specific and detailed information that is based on your research, it will be much easier for them to find appropriate opportunities for you.  

Be professional.  The job developer is here to help you but they are also determining how well you would fit in with their employers.  If you are rude to the job developer, they will be less likely to send you opportunities because they will be concerned that your behaviour will damage their employer relationship.  If you are not happy with the support that the job developer has been providing, you can bring it up in a way that is respectful and professional.  Show the job developer how you would behave at work so they will be confident sending you to their employers.  

The best approach is to consider your job developer as another resource.  They can tell you about opportunities and they may even be able to give you feedback on how you can be more effective in your job search.  If you are open to their suggestions and you continue to hustle on your own, you are on the right track to getting that job offer.  

(Written by Karen Bivand, Image by