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5098 Snow Area Supervisor

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$21.00-$28.00 per hour
ON CALL 24 hours/7days per week
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Industry: Commercial


  • In accordance with contract specifications, maintain client’s sites in a clear, functional and hazard free condition, free of ice & snow at all times.
  • Ensure all ice melting products used, are applied in a responsible manner to prevent over application or property damage & in accordance with product specifications & materials as requested by client. E.g. (Landscape Choice or Rock Salt)
  • Satisfy the expressed needs and concerns of clients as well as resolve any complaints.
  • Direct & perform the work in an efficient manner through effective supervision and organization of personnel to avoidance delays in the performance of the work and appropriate application of materials.
  • In addition, ensure maintenance of assigned vehicles/equipment is performed and these items are used in an effective & safe manner.
  • Perform & direct the work at the minimum possible cost to the company
  • Ensure all work is complete & performed in a safe manner.
  • Prepared to respond to any snow & ice event 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
  • Monitor weather conditions, media and airport weather reports on an ongoing basis throughout the winter season.
  • Alert all assigned personnel in advance of any forecasted adverse weather conditions to occur when there is the potential they will be called upon to respond.
  • Overnight, visually monitor actual weather conditions occurring & if necessary visit assigned sites to determine actual site conditions.
  • Alert the operations manager & other area supervisors in the event of inclement weather.
  • Call out appropriate service personnel as needed to address existing conditions. Plow trucks, sidewalk crews, salt trucks, or loader equipment.
  • Pre start & inspect assigned on site equipment upon commencing operations & on arrival of operator to insure equipment will start, fluid levels are checked & adjusted, & equipment is prepared for operation.
  • Co Ordinate & direct all plow trucks, sidewalk crews, salt trucks, or loader equipment as necessary to perform and complete the work correctly & efficiently on all sites assigned.
  • Control hours worked by personnel & Sub-Contractors to avoid unnecessary expenses by evenly distributing available hours of work.
  • Monitor and control material usage (bulk & bagged material) to minimize waste and over application on pedestrian & vehicle surfaces.
  • Monitor on site material inventories (bag material, fuel & supplies) and ensure these are re supplied as necessary (minimum every 2nd snow event).
  • Ensure all drivers/operators perform circle checks on vehicles assigned, & test the operation of all equipment before loading equipment & materials prior to commencing any snow & ice removal operation or departure from yard.
  • Ensure all drivers at the end of each snow & ice removal event, refuel, check fluid levels, wash, & clean out garbage from cabs, including offloading of materials & inspection of boxes to verify box is completely empty of all material. **This also includes on site equipment (Sidewalk & Loaders)



  • Thorough understanding of all procedures necessary to remove snow & ice from vehicle & asphalt surfaces
  • Thorough understanding of vehicle & equipment capabilities to remove snow & ice from vehicle & asphalt surfaces
  • Ability to coordinate, organize and direct multiple snow removal units for the purpose of removing snow & ice from all vehicle & pedestrian surface areas.
  • Ability to start, operate, service, & trouble shoot problems, including carrying out minor repairs on all assigned Company vehicles, & equipment, such vehicles & equipment include pick up plow trucks, skid steers, loaders, salt trucks , & sidewalk equipment.
  • Ability to assist sub-contractors & company personnel when minor mechanical problems arise.

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Maxine Edwards
Tue, 2017-11-14 14:11
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