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5121 Landscape Construction- Foreperson (Employment Service)

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Fenmar Drive
Rate of pay: 
$14.00 – $18.00 based on experience
Full time-Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm or 7p.m.
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Industry: Landscape




  • Assist the Operations Manager in completion of the Company’s contractual obligations by effective organization, advance planning, coordination and completion of the tasks required which also includes the Foreman’s actual participation and involvement to complete the tasks assigned.
  • Responsible for the supervision of all crew members assigned and the management of all landscape construction activities necessary on sites assigned; to maintain an acceptable standard of workmanship, providing customer satisfaction and re tension.
  • Ability to provide the company with a 30% gross rate of return on sales revenue before overhead expenses; by controlling all costs directly associated in performing the work assigned involving labour, fuel, equipment repair and maintenance, supplies, tools, disposal etc.
  • During the winter months assumes the responsibilities of a ‘Site or an Area Field Supervisor’ overseeing snow removal activities involving the management of vehicles, equipment, manpower and sub-contractors as necessary to ensure an acceptable level of service is provided to sites assigned within the area of responsibility.
  • Follow all Safety Rules, Company Policies and Procedures.
  • Ensure all employees are complying with Safety Rules, Company Policies and Procedures.
  • Provide coaching, mentoring and direction to all crew members involving operating procedures in the field and for all vehicles and equipment to achieve productivity and workmanship which meets Company and client expectations.    
  • Minimize the cost of all labour, equipment, sub-contractors, materials and supplies under his direct control and supervision in a manner that is consistent with fair labour and business practices; and proper care for safety.
  • Manage any relationships with employees, owners / clients through good public relations and communication practices.
  • Maintain quality by following established and accepted industry practice and procedures including any specifications supplied for the job or established by the company.
  • Explain accepted practices and installation procedures to all crewmembers on an ongoing basis.
  • Ensure all required paper work such as (time sheets, work orders, packing slips, bills, etc.) are accurate, complete and submitted on time.
  • Consult with Operations Manager involving discipline action involving crewmembers. Once discussion has been made follow Discipline Policies and Procedures. All documentation involved must be forwarded to Human Resources to be recorded in the employee’s file.
  • Report all sub-standard performance of crewmembers, sub-contracted services and suppliers to the Operations Manager which are not satisfactory and take action to have these corrected.
  • Assess training needs of crew members, complete training forms, oversee training until complete and insure all documentation is submitted to the Human Resources Department.
  • Report to the Operations Manager any specialized skills, material, or similar needs required to maintain job efficiency.
  • Notify immediately to the Operations Manager the need to replace personnel who cannot perform to company standards following appropriate training and counselling.
  • Ensure routine vehicle, equipment maintenance work and safety checks are carried out on all assigned equipment in accordance with schedules set down by the Operations Manager and that all defects are repaired.
  • Reports to the Operations Manager any major repairs or overhauls required and follows his instructions.


  • 5+ years' experience in landscape construction
  • 3 years' experience in a supervisory role
  • Valid G or DZ Class Driver's License
  • Ability to layout and install a landscape from Drawings and Plans
  • Knowledge of excavation, backfilling and compaction
  • Knowledge of proper principles and procedures of grading and drainage.
  • Knowledge of lawn installation and maintenance.
  • Ability to identify plant material including trees, shrubs, ground covers, roses, perennials, annuals and bulbs.
  • Knowledge of planting procedures for trees, shrubs, ground covers, roses, perennials, annuals and bulbs.
  • Knowledge of pre-cast pavement installation including interlocking patios, walks, driveways, concrete curbing and pre-cast slabs, planters and related products.
  • Knowledge of pre-cast and timber construction for retaining walls, planters, steps. etc.
  • Knowledge of basic carpentry and the ability to install common types of wood, chain link and ornamental metal fencing.
  • Basic understanding of sprinkler systems and ability to set controllers, and carry out non-electrical repairs.
  • Knowledge and ability to identify common insects & diseases of ornamental plants.
  • Knowledge of pesticides and common treatments and rates of application for the above.
  • Ability to operate all types of landscape construction equipment, tools and vehicles used by the construction department.
  • Knowledge and experience with snow removal operations, equipment and techniques.
  • Ability to carry out all in house vehicle and equipment maintenance and service.
  • Excellent supervisory skills.
  • Good verbal and written skills.
  • Knowledge of Ministry of Transport regulations with respect to driver’s license requirements, maintenance, and use of all vehicles and equipment used by the landscape crews.

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Maxine Edwards
Tue, 2018-03-27 08:31
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