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5158 Baker (Employment Service)

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Monday to Friday 35 hours per week (1a.m. -8 a.m.)
Rate of pay: 
$14.00 per hour
Monday to Friday 35 hours per week (1a.m. -8 a.m.)
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Industry:  Food Services


  • Prepare dough for bread, rolls and sweet goods, batters for muffins and donuts according to recipes or special customer orders
  • Operate oven
  • Bake mixed doughs and batters
  • Ensure quality of products meets established standards
  • Draw up production schedule to determine type and quantity of goods to produce
  • May oversee sales and merchandising of baked goods


  • Completion of Secondary school
  • Be able to stand for long periods of time
  • Demonstrate ability to take and follow directions efficiently
  • Professional attitude seeking to join a positive and supportive team environment
  • Desire to contribute to a fun and enthusiastic team environment
  • Have high attention to detail and a strong work ethic
  • A desire to achieve goals and timelines

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Maxine Edwards
Wed, 2018-12-05 12:24
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