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6004 Lab Technician (Employment Service)

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Sheppard Ave East/ Morningside
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The Lab Technician will perform microsection of PWB and evaluate plated-thru-hole quality of in-process and finished products per customer's specifications. The Microsection Tech must be able to perform all lab analysis using burettes, pipettes, pH/ion meters, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, laboratory balance, hydrometers, hull cells, CVS, and all other lab related equipment. Will perform all lab analysis and special tests for reporting to Plating Managers and Process Engineers. Will be exposed to hazardous waste while performing daily job duties. Technicians will undergo chemical handling training prior to the start of performing these duties and will actively participate in ongoing hazardous waste and chemical handling training.


  • Read and interpret customer print requirements
  • Able to evaluate dielectric thickness, plasma etchback, copper plating thickness and trace widths
  • Able to setup, grind and polish sections
  • Able to use metallurgical microscope
  • Able to read, record, analyze and report all data accurately
  • Perform all lab analysis and special tests of chemicals used in the wet process areas
  • Accurately report chemical analysis and tests to Plating Managers and Process Engineers
  • Mall all chemical additions and bath make-ups
  • Complete all internal departmental documentation accurately
  • Keep accurate up to date records regarding currents baths on production floor
  • Troubleshoot and perform maintenance on most lab equipment, chemical controllers, pumps and other lab related equipment
  • Interacts with vendors and visitors
  • Perform lab inventory and identify chemicals and equipment needed to order
  • Conducting ionic contamination test
  • Sorting and labelling microssection coupons as required
  • Conducting solderabillity tests and thermal stress tests
  • Maintaining production logs and test reports


  • Ability to read, write and communicate in English to the degree necessary to perform the job
  • Knowledgeable in laboratory procedures
  • Able to work independently and have the capability to maintain accept/reject disposition
  • Able to follow documented procedures
  • High School Diploma or equivalent preferred
  • Experience with PWB acceptability standards, IPC and MIL-P-55110 specifications preferred
  • Laboratory experience preferred but not mandatory

This posting is only for clients who have registered with Employment Service Program.  If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to with the Job Order # in the subject line.


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Suad Dualeh
Thu, 2018-01-11 08:56
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