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8159 In Process Line Inspector in QC (Employment Service)

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$32,000- $34,000
Shift (day) 8:00-4:30 (afternoon) 4:00 pm -12:30 am
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Industry:  Manufacturing


  • Provide filling & packaging specification and standard to the line leaders in a timely manner 
  • Audit lines to ensure:  Line clearance and start up forms are completed
  • Filling kettles are identified and confirmed as per the work order
  • All filling and packaging requirements are met for the product by doing the hourly checks for -fill weight, torque measurement, aesthetics and other quality parameters
  • Address sub-standard and other quality issues with the line leader, production supervisor & QA supervisor/QA manager and put the product on “HOLD” when necessary
  • When hold materials are reworked, the QA inspector/QA supervisor will re-evaluate to verify quality. Acceptable product will be released and unacceptable will further rework or rejected
  • Fill and complete QC line inspection forms in a timely manner with all relevant details
  • Address sub-standard and other quality issues with the line leader, production supervisor & Q.A supervisor/Q.A Manager and put the product on “HOLD” when necessary
  • Ensure that GMP’S are maintained on all production assembly lines at all times
  • Work with all relevant departments to implement the corrective action that will resolve the root cause of the problem on the line
  • Update Q.A supervisor about on-line Quality Alerts and deviations
  • Ensure that all finished goods are audited and released in the timely manner
  • Perform other duties as assigned


  • College Diploma in related filed or equivalent
  • Computer skills
  • Requires initiative and strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Experience in cosmetics, pharmaceutical or food processing environment preferred
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Flexible, adaptable and willing to accept new challenges
  • Needs to be familiar with the manufacturing process and know how to operate a variety of industry tools
  • Must be able to connect with internal customers in order to gauge satisfaction, identify
  • problems, and work on a systematic approach to solve the problems

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Jackie Pereira
Thu, 2019-02-07 15:41
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