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8160 Property Management Administrator (Employment Service)

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Sheppard & Yonge
Rate of pay: 
$18.00 and over
Monday – Friday 9:00 – 5:00 pm
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Industry:  Property Management


  • Communicate with tenant on a daily basis regarding any issues that they may have, and then take an active approach to handle them within a reasonable time
  • Make sure contractors send their invoices, scan them into system, input payment amount in TMI records, pass payment invoice to other colleague to process payment, and finally put the invoice in files
  • Take progressive methods to deal with the tenant who doesn’t pay their rent or delay their payment for rent or other expenses, develop suitable collection procedures to follow up with delinquent accounts, preparation of reminder of payment letters, Demand Letters, and enforce collection procedures
  • Contact with tenants and explain to them regarding updated rent and TMI cheques
  • Negotiate with tenants for new lease and lease renewals, regularly review tenant lease agreement, to make sure the terms and conditions in it are up to date according to changes in commercial property market condition and related laws
  • Correspond and coordinate with tenants and contractors for any maintenance issues
  • Update and maintain the records of all rent payment and other additional payment
  • Update and maintain TMI records to make sure all figures are up to date and there’s no missing information
  • Control and sort out all files for the 3 property plazas and the main contractors’ information
  • Help and coordinate for the preparation of CAM statement, and send to tenants and follow up with ensuing questions and answers
  • Verify and check the cheques received, making records for all the payment status, making sure the payment amount is correct, input and update tenants’ rent and TMI payment record
  • Regular site visit for the 3 plazas to communicate with tenants regarding issues, getting feedback from them about any concerns, and building up a good rapport with all tenants
  • Initiate and develop tenant retention programs, and attract potential new tenants through business promotion, image branding, or through taking part in special events


  • Candidate needs to have excellent communication and negotiation skills to deal with tenants and suppliers
  • This position requires candidate to have good analysis and problem solving skills to deal with normal and unexpected issues
  • Great customer service skills and patience is essential to handle the relationship properly with tenants and suppliers
  • Candidate needs to have bookkeeping, data collection and analysis skillls
  • Time management skills, good planning, keep organized, and prioritize tasks properly
  • Take active roles to be flexible and be muti-tasking for different functions of the position
  • Able to maintain and keep track of all documentation in various clearly sorted files
  • Must be a fast learner and be able to adapt to a fast paced working environment
  • Candidate needs to have attention to detail and be a good task organizer
  • Able to proficiently apply computer, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet research
  • Excellent team player to coordinate and interact within a team working environment to make sure the whole working process goes smoothly
  • Be able to handle different issues in an efficient manner, can bear high working pressure and work under strict deadlines

This posting is only for clients who have registered with the Employment Service Program.  If you are interested in this position, please apply by clicking this link:


Contact person: 
Jackie Pereira
Thu, 2019-02-21 11:06
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